Azure Cloud Strategy Business Value Assessment

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Briefing session on what a Business Value Assessment is and why it’s important for making short- and long-term Azure cloud decisions.

Cost savings are important, but how do you measure more intangible cloud benefits, like agility, operational excellence and innovation velocity? And how do you factor them into a quantified ROI discussion?

That’s what you get with a Business Value Assessment (BVA), which takes a 360° view of the potential your organisation can unlock using Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) best practices.

A BVA serves as your most important financial guardrail for current and future cloud investments. It:

  • Gives you a ‘north star’ for monitoring cloud progress, helping align people towards common goals
  • Enables you to measure ongoing success based on smart financial goals
  • Provides proof of value to financial stakeholders and supports IT and business units in securing budget
Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, to learn more about:
  • What’s involved in a Business Value Assessment
  • How the methodology works
  • How having one will streamline your onward cloud journey with Azure
  • Pricing