Azure Cloud Foundation (ACF) - 1 hour briefing

Nordcloud an IBM company

Building the Azure Landing Zone in alignment with Microsoft Enterprise Scale

The possibilities and challenges introduced by digitalisation require a new approach to developing and delivering IT services. Using public cloud is a natural part of that approach, but obtaining maximum benefits from the public cloud requires a new way of working.

Based on our experience and learnings from more than 500 public cloud projects delivered over the last 5 years we have developed a very successful methodology for public cloud implementations. The first part of this journey is defining the foundation for the cloud implementation in terms of technology, organisation and governance.

The purpose of defining and building a Cloud Foundation is to help in setting the vision for public cloud usage at the customer and set up a technical cloud foundation using Infrastructure-as-code, which is secure, controlled and still produces the value expected from public cloud.

In the 1-hour briefing you will hear:

  • ACF background
  • what is included into the ACF
  • how to implement ACF
  • ACF references