Azure Cloud Foundation (ACF)

Nordcloud an IBM company

Building the Azure Landing Zone in alignment with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

The pace of digital change means businesses need a new approach to developing and delivering IT services. Using the public cloud is a key part of this, but obtaining maximum benefits from the public cloud requires new ways of working and a solid foundation to build upon and scale.

When building these foundations, business often face challenges with Landing Zone implementations:

Time and cost - A well-architected Landing Zone takes months to implement and learning on the job is costly.
Governance complexity - Starting small then scaling leads to complexity and high operations costs.
Security challenges - Security and guardrails must be central to design, otherwise it’s not manageable at scale.
Automation is an afterthought - If automation isn’t at the heart of design, it hampers development down the line.

Based on our experience and learnings from delivering over 500 public cloud projects in the last 5 years, we’ve developed a robust, scalable, and secure methodology for public cloud implementations: the Nordcloud Azure Cloud Foundation. It’s a smart way to lay the foundation for cloud implementation in terms of technology, organization and governance, and means:

Delivery in 1-3 weeks - foundation ready to use, with the possibility to add customisations, additional features and capabilities.
Governance at scale - Subscription and networking automation, including Azure policies, auditing and logs management.
Enterprise-ready security - Based on best practices blueprints and guardrails, meaning built-in security at scale, allowing for managing requirements centrally.
Automation as the enabler - Ensuring cost effective operations of a quickly growing application estate in the cloud.

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