Managed Azure Cloud Foundation

Nordcloud an IBM company

With Nordcloud's Managed Azure Cloud Foundation service, you can enjoy a scalable and secure managed service for Cloud Foundation management and maintenance.

Deploying and managing a proper Azure Cloud Foundation is complex, especially when faced with inadequate cloud expertise or there simply isn’t the manpower on hand for a foundation to be set up correctly and effectively. Most of the companies start small, then get lost along the way. Some common reasons why:

  1. Implementation time and effort: Learning on the job is costly. A well-architected Cloud Foundation may take months to design and implement.
  2. Governance at scale equals complexity: Scaling up leads to high levels of complexity & high operations costs
  3. Not designed for managing security: Security and guardrails must be at the heart of the design, otherwise not manageable
  4. Automation as an afterthought: Automation is the heart of a good Cloud Foundation. Automation must be designed up front
The Managed Azure Cloud Foundation Service is a fully managed service with continuous development and best practices implementation. The Service is designed and developed by the Nordcloud team with 24x7 technical support available, to manage the cloud foundation health and availability:
  1. Cloud Foundation related incident management and incident triage
  2. Availability, performance, and data protection of the Cloud Foundation’s network components
  3. Support in resolution of time critical permissions and access issues
  4. Governance at scale - using Infrastructure as Code to manage the Cloud Foundation
  5. Enables innovation at speed with safe guardrails and policies to ensure security and compliance
Nordcloud’s Managed Azure Cloud Foundation enables application migration, modernization, and innovation at Enterprise-Scale.

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