Microsoft SQL migration and modernisation

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Migrate and modernise your Microsoft SQL databases effectively and efficiently to Azure with our suite of tools and accelerators tailored for database migration and modernisation.

Migrating and modernising existing Microsoft SQL databases from on-premises to Azure may seem like a daunting task, particularly for organisations managing large databases within substantial IT setups. However, this process can be made more manageable and rewarding with the right approach and certified professionals who possess a track record of successful migrations and modernisations.

A successful migration and modernisation of Microsoft SQL to Azure can result in improved performance, scalability, reliability, and security for both operational and analytical workloads.

Two approaches for Microsoft SQL databases
When you migrate virtual machines with Microsoft SQL databases to Azure, the benefits will include:

  • Cost optimization through flexible pricing and scalability
  • Business agility with infrastructure-as-code (IaC) through automated resource provisioning
  • Enhanced security with Azure Defender
  • Elimination of end-of-life concerns
  • Consolidation of data centres
  • Scalability, Data Safety and Compliance
When you modernise Microsoft SQL databases to cloud native/PaaS alternatives, the benefits will include:
  • Cost savings with reduced licensing and operational expenses
  • Increased availability and resilience via high availability and disaster recovery solutions for applications
  • Cloud-native design to leverage Azure's PaaS offerings, such as Azure SQL Database and Azure Managed Instance
  • Improved Security via integration with Azure Defender
  • Elastic Scaling of resources to meet varying database capacity requirements
The Nordcloud advantage
  • Nordcloud boasts over a decade of experience in migrating and transforming applications and databases to public cloud environments
  • We offer a suite of tools and accelerators tailored for database migration and modernisation, simplifying the evaluation and optimization of your SQL estate
  • Nordcloud has a proven track-record of successfully delivering database solutions on Azure
  • Our approach emphasises transparent, collaborative processes that minimise the risk of migration failures
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