Cloud Native Enablement - 1 hour briefing

Nordcloud an IBM company

Building, migrating and managing your cloud native applications like Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)

Kubernetes helps companies to provide better service for their end users. It allows IT to react faster to changes in business focus, implement new features, and have higher availability and reliability of services. To achieve all this, Kubernetes comes with solutions such as self-healing, node-pools, readiness and liveness probes, autoscaling etc. To be able to implement and understand all these, as alluded to earlier, the learning curve is steep, as this technology differs greatly from traditional IT.

As microservices architecture becomes more and more common in IT, enterprise companies are now beginning to look at the benefits of this. This challenge raises important strategic questions around how to do it securely, with the right amount of investment from an infrastructure and people perspective

Nordcloud can help companies to build, migrate and manage (24x7) their cloud native applications.

Briefing includes:

  • Cloud Native Application Development
  • Cloud Native Modernization
  • Cloud Native Migration
  • Cloud Native Management