Nordcloud - Data Enablement: 3 days workshop

Nordcloud an IBM company

A 3 day workshop to define an operating model to enable agile and cost efficient use of data across the organisation using the Nordcloud Data Foundation on Azure.

Efficient data operations require understanding of the opportunities provided by Azure and a governance model describing clear responsibilities and processes to support the objectives of your data driven business. The 3 day Nordcloud Data Enablement Workshop is an expert led engagement which helps business and technical stakeholders understand the opportunity of building a data platform on Azure data services, define an operating model around data and select the initial use cases for the implementation of the initial data platform setup. The agenda for the enablement workshop is:

DAY 1 - Data Governance:

  • Introduction on cloud data foundation vision
  • Goals (business & tech)
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Identify top data initiatives & priorities
  • Data sources & stakeholders
  • Model for onboarding data sources and enabling consumption of data
  • Compliance requirements
  • Cost allocation (compute / storage)

DAY 2 - Data Ops & Security:

  • Intro on security model
  • User management & access control
  • Compliance
  • Data staging / lifecycle and data lake structure
  • Metadata model to drive data lineage
  • Data quality - deduplication & harmonisation
  • Support model, monitoring - metrics & alerts

DAY 3 Wrap-up:

  • Recommended model based on days 1 & 2
  • Prioritise data sources for cloud foundation MVP
  • Prioritise set of features and capabilities for MVP
  • Identify business use case to validate MVP value
  • Roadmap for data estate modernisation journey
  • Agree follow-up steps