Data Estate Modernisation: 1 Day Workshop

Northdoor plc

An initial workshop to assess your existing data estate and provide a road map to modernise your data platform (hybrid or full Azure) and licensing model.

This is an initial 1-day workshop for technical and business leaders and is held on-site at the client’s facility.

### Agenda * Prior to the workshop, there will be an initial conference call to discuss the engagement and collate data about the existing environment.

  • Review the existing data environment and licensing model including licensing costs, Server environment (versions & editions), hardware, data center(s), and storage requirements.
  • Review upgrade path and consolidation options.
  • Assess high availability and disaster recovery requirements including Always-On availability, fail-over and backup strategy.
  • Assess network and communications.
  • Discuss Azure deployment options and preferences including Hybrid, IaaS and PaaS.
  • Review business intelligence, analytics and data insights usage and strategy.


    On completion of the workshop, the client will have a high-level understanding of potential target environments and licensing design options including cost savings, and a well proven turn-key migration strategy.