Add your own data to ChatGPT

Noser Engineering AG

Get your tailor-made ChatGPT solution for CHF 19,900 excl. VAT – expert knowledge secure and easily accessible, with answers and references. Maximize your data with artificial intelligence!

Do you want a tailor-made ChatGPT solution designed specifically for your company? Then our exclusive offer worth CHF 19,900 excluding VAT is just right for you! You receive: Security and data protection: Your individual ChatGPT solution is secure and in a protected environment. Easily accessible company knowledge: Ask ChatGPT a question and receive an answer including credit. Let us integrate your data into ChatGPT to maximize its potential!

After a preliminary feasibility check, our offer includes the following steps:

  • Setting up company-owned data containers: We use the powerful combination of Microsoft Azure and OpenAI to securely manage your data in a Swiss data center.
  • Web-Content optimization: We prepare your data specifically for ChatGPT.
  • Seamless integration: Our experts create a user-friendly input form that can be seamlessly integrated into your website.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Through our tuning with one-shot learning, your ChatGPT solution delivers precise answers.
  • Referencing and referencing: Always keep track of your data. Each answer contains a reference to the source.

Versatile application possibilities:

Our ChatGPT solution can be used in various areas including:

  • Expert Knowledge: Give your professionals access to real-time expert knowledge and resources.
  • Customer care: Efficient responses to customer inquiries, e.g. in call centers, support departments, maintenance teams and help desks.
  • Education: Efficient grading and feedback processes in education. Summaries of longer texts and research papers.
  • Research: Analyze large amounts of data, gain insights.
  • Healthcare: Medical diagnoses, treatment recommendations.
  • Marketing: marketing messages and campaigns, personalized advertising
  • Media: Generate personalized content, news summaries
  • Legal: Legal research, efficient summaries of legal documents and decisions
  • Human Resources: Personalized interview questions, efficient hiring process