Database Migration Accelerator Pack : 3-Week POC

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Nous' Azure DB and Cosmos DB Migration Accelerator is a Microsoft designated "Co-sell Prioritized" solution that helps modernize on-premise SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL to Azure

Nous’ Database Migration Accelerator Pack provides organizations with a three-week proof of concept (POC) to help organizations to migrate and modernize an identified database instance to Azure showcasing the value of running databases in Azure.

The migration is executed in 4 phases

Assess and Plan

  • Understanding the migration impact and core benefits
  • Review of business objectives and technical details
  • Build a sequences database migration plan that includes architecture, application connectivity, monitoring configuration, data sync, planning migration testing, and more
  • Setup Test and Validate

  • Configure environments and execute test migration (and test rollback)
  • Remediate any issues and validate final migration plan through additional testing
  • Optimize and Transfer Knowledge

  • Ensure monitoring, management, and cost optimization configuration
  • Transfer knowledge to client database support team for ongoing support
  • Deliverables

  • Migration approach documentation
    • Current database landscape assessment report
    • Migration steps
  • Data validation results report
  • Best practice guide to operate and manage Azure environment
  • Azure governance, policies, and security blueprints