Nous BizTalk to Azure Migration Framework: 2 Week Assessment

Nous Infosystems Inc.

With Microsoft’s support for Biztalk ending, it is crucial for enterprises to migrate to a better alternative like Azure. Biztalk to Azure migration is not a simple and requires many considerations.

Nous’ BizTalk to Azure Migration Framework is designed to help organizations maximize the benefits of migrating to Azure while keeping costs under control. The framework has evolved over multiple modernization projects executed to modernize BizTalk systems to Azure Native solutions using Azure Functions / Logic Apps, Cosmos DB, and others. The framework outlines the Azure Native options for various BizTalk artifacts, such as orchestration, BRE, and adaptors, to Azure Native services with its final state as SaaS on Azure.

This assessment is the first step in identifying the appropriate modernization path for your organization’s unique requirements.


Week 1:

  • Azure Cloud Adoption Framework workshop
  • Analysis and assessment of existing technology landscape and BizTalk artifacts: Orchestration, BRE, SSO, RDBMS, publish-subscription, adapters, logging & exception handling, deployment
  • Analyze workload for cloud adoption/migration and capture relevant processes, workflows, dependencies, stakeholders, etc.
  • Define the business case for cloud adoption, priorities, processes, and ROI model

Week 2:

  • Formulate RACI matrix
  • Define workload migration timelines
  • Prepare roadmap, WBS, and project plan
  • Technical architecture & perf/security baselines
  • High-level Azure Native architecture
  • Cost estimation using Azure Pricing Calculator


  • Azure Cloud Adoption Framework workshop
  • BizTalk artifact inventory and documentation
  • Technical architecture and Azure migration blueprint for the workload
  • Roadmap with WBS and project plan
  • DevOps pipeline/IaC recommendations