Intelligent Analytics for Retail with Azure Synapse: 4-Week Proof of Concept

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Leverage Azure Synapse Analytics to unify retail data, gain a 360-degree customer view, and unlock insights, and showcase the power of data analytics on the Microsoft Cloud for Retail.

Empower Retail Decisions with Azure Synapse & Microsoft’s Cloud for Retail. Nous’ solution aggregates & analyzes data for AI readiness.

This Proof of Concept modernizes a selected use case allowing organizations to experience hands-on the full potential of cloud-scale analytics.


  • Determine POC scope, success criteria, and setup environment.
  • Assess data sources and define data source volume.
  • Identify object-level mapping.
  • Define cluster, sizing, and data ingestion strategy.
  • Build and execute data ingestion pipeline.


  • One Retail Power BI dashboard with Synapse as the data source for the identified KPIs.
  • Modern Retail data platform implementation roadmap.