DevOps Maturity Assessment : 2 - Week Assessment

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Enable developer productivity and accelerate delivery with modern DevOps infrastructure on Azure

This assessment will identify the current state of your DevOps maturity or adoption readiness with Azure DevOps or GitHub. Our experts will perform process gap analysis, identify tools, build KPIs, and provide key recommendations that will help you implement your DevOps strategy.

Our 2-4 week assessment touches upon all key areas like People, Processes, Technology, and Strategy. It covers five levels - baseline, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert in the following areas

  • Source control
  • Build Process
  • Testing and QA
  • Deployment
  • Visibility/Reporting

Deliverables include:
  • Maturity gap analysis
  • Pillar-wise observation of DevOps practices
  • Transition Roadmap for organization
  • Recommendations for tool set, landscape, process, revamping, or transformation as required