Retail Analytics with Synapse - 2 Hour No-Cost Briefing

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Power business decisions with cloud-scale analytics by leveraging Microsoft’s cloud for Retail.

Learn how a robust and scalable data platform using Azure’s Data & AI stack of tools can help meet the needs of modern Retail enterprise

In this briefing you will dive deep into the benefits of using tools like Azure Synapse, Data Factory, Power BI, etc. when modernizing your data platform

Nous’ experts will walk you through our Retail analytics solution, detailing the entire journey including transforming data from different sources, building a solid data foundation making the data ready for analytics

Learn from a real-world case study on the business benefits of deploying a modern cloud-scale data analytics solution.

Retail Analytics on Synapse offers significant benefits including:

  • Briefing on Microsoft Data & AI tools and its capabilities including Synapse, Data Factory, Power BI
  • Detailing Nous’ Analytics solution that bring data across all sources to Synapse for analytics
  • Case Study
  • QnA session to solve any specific concerns, and more!