3 Week Proof of Concept Azure OpenAI Use cases for BFSI

Nous Infosystems Inc.

AI is revolutionizing all industries. With its rich experience, Nous has identified over 200+ AI use cases for BFSI alone. Come up with a use case and Nous will demo it using AI.

AI is Revolutionizing All Industries

With its rich experience, Nous has identified over 200+ AI use cases for BFSI alone. Come up with a use case and Nous will demo it using AI.


Taking a customer-centric approach to providing solutions, NOUS has created an extensive set of Azure Open AI use cases specific to the BFSI industry. The customers can pick and choose the relevant Open AI use cases from those or highlight their specific requirements and Nous can demonstrate how AI can create value for them. To leverage Azure for this offering, NOUS leverages Microsoft Azure OpenAI to create tailored AI solutions for the BFSI industry. Below is a snapshot of the top use cases which cut across all the players in the industry.

AI-powered Customer Service

AI can enable BFSI organizations to provide 24/7 customer service through chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual agents. These AI-powered tools can handle common queries, requests, and complaints, as well as provide personalized recommendations and offers. AI can also help BFSI organizations to segment and target customers based on their preferences, behavior, and needs.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

AI can help BFSI organizations detect and prevent fraud and cyberattacks by analyzing large volumes of data and identifying patterns, anomalies, and threats. AI can also help BFSI organizations comply with regulatory requirements and standards by automating reporting, auditing, and verification processes.

Credit Scoring and Lending

AI can help BFSI organizations assess the creditworthiness and risk profile of borrowers by using alternative data sources, such as social media, online transactions, and behavioral analytics. AI can also help BFSI organizations optimize lending decisions, pricing, and terms by using predictive models and simulations.

Investment and Wealth Management

AI can help BFSI organizations provide better investment and wealth management services to their clients by using advanced analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning. AI can help BFSI organizations generate market insights, forecast trends, identify opportunities and risks, and create personalized portfolios and strategies.

As part of this offering, Nous lets the customer choose a use case from its industry-wise use case catalog or a use case specific for a customer and creates a POC, demonstrating the Azure OpenAI deployment and how it can accelerate a business process and bring efficiency improvement.

Typical POC Program Plan

  • Identification of AI use case along with the client
  • Detailed discussion with the client for the use case and problem statements
  • Architecture for the solution
  • Define data requirements and readiness
  • Development of the AI model
  • Train the model with data identified in the previous week
  • Test the model and fine-tune it
  • Initial demo to the client
  • Final demo to the client, incorporating client feedback from the first demo
  • Document the learning and recommendations for next steps