Azure Data Modernization: 10-Day Implementation

Ntirety, Inc.

Modernize and move your legacy, fragmented data footprint to Azure, enabling real time business insights. Service includes consult and implementation, including PowerBI report development.

The Ntirety’s Data Modernization services extends your team with certified professionals to address unique needs, modernizing your database and sprawling, disconnected data sources into a robust Azure implementation. Whether new analytics & AI architectures, real-time data lake integration, or data refactoring as part of a cloud migration, Ntirety’s experts enable real-time access to data and address the modern challenges in cloud to edge solutions. Service includes access to Ntirety’s compliance and connector tools automating the integration of fragmented data sources.

This service is for a complete 10-day implementation, including analysis/discovery, architecture planning, and full implementation in Azure. As part of this implementation, Ntirety will integrate with PowerBI for real-time data visualization.

The scope for this service is for 10 - 15 SQL instances, depending on complexity. Ntirety will accommodate the customer's schedule to ensure a non-disruptive experience, including the implementation phase. The project does not have to occur over two contiguous weeks.