Data Center Migration Solution on Azure: 5-Week Implementation


Migrating apps to the cloud with our Data Center Migration Solution is a fast and simpler path to shed legacy architectures, enabling your enterprise to accelerate and innovate.

Migrating applications to the cloud with our Data Center Migration Solution on Azure is a faster and less complicated path to shed legacy architectures, enabling enterprises to accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiency, increase speed to market and reduce capital expenses. When applications can be migrated without code changes, then the enterprise reduces risk of failure and increases speed of adoption.


Migrate applications to the cloud with no code modification

Application Re-platforming
Migrate applications to a new platform in the cloud no code modification

Mainframe Re-hosting
Migrate mainframe applications to the cloud with the NTT DATA UniKix re-hosting platform

Enterprise Application Migration
Migrate on-premise SAP, Oracle, or other enterprise apps to Azure

Phase 1: Discovery
NTT DATA shall clarify and confirm Client-specific objectives for cloud migration and assess the Client current state. The objective is to understand the current and desired future states of the infrastructure portfolio and associated IT operations. NTT DATA conducts interviews to perform discovery activities during this phase then make final recommendations on approach, strategy, and plans.

Phase 2: Move Package Planning
During this phase, NTT DATA uses data provided by Client organization and/or data mined during the Discovery phase to create Move Packages. Move Packages are selected apps and associated OSI’s that have characteristics in common then chosen to migrate them all together at once. The migration order for the Move Packages is decided and planned in this phase.

Phase 3: Migration Move Package Management
During this phase, NTT DATA finalizes the list of OSIs included in each move package and creates a Development of Migration Workbook including hr. x hr. plan, contact information, backout plan.

Phase 4: Cloud Design and Build-Out
NTT DATA shall design and build out the destination cloud platform based on the information learned gleaned during Discovery phase.

Phase 5: Migration Execution
NTT DATA shall perform cloud migration Sprints identified in Move Package Planning. Each sprint shall have a Prepare phase and a Migrate phase. Deep Dives are conducted to prepare the technical components followed by a Migrate phase in which the systems shall be cutover from the source data center (“DC”) to the target cloud platform. NTT DATA shall identify fully migrated systems available for decommission.

Phase 6: Program Management
NTT DATA performs this activity throughout the cloud migration lifecycle. NTT DATA manages the cloud migration at the program and project management levels during the execution of the Move Packages migration.