Securing Identities: 4-day Workshop


Designed to help you assess the maturity of your identity estates and define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate identity-related risks.

What to expect
The foundation of cybersecurity is to quickly and accurately identify authorized users and give them proper access to the information and tools they need to do their job. Our goal is to provide you with tools to protect your authorized users’ identities so you can authenticate credentials and manage file access while still giving users the freedom to collaborate with others.

We will help you find identity risks happening now in your environment, gain insights into your application landscape, and improve your identity security posture.

As an Azure Expert MSP partner we’ll work with you to extend your use of Azure to:

  • Understand your identity goals and objectives utilizing our deep Azure capabilities
  • Define your existing and desired identity security posture
  • Provide insights into applications used within your environment (sanctioned and unsanctioned by IT)
  • Showcase core IT and user security scenarios through demos
  • Develop a joint action plan based on key results, recommendations, and next steps

The workshop is designed to help customers assess the maturity of their identity estates. By using Secure Score and application discovery tools, we will help customers gain visibility into their current identity estates and guide customers to define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate identity-related risks.

  • Customer identity security posture rating, including how customers compare to their industry peers
  • Visibility into all apps used in their environments and how to enhance access and security
  • Clear understanding of situations where identity might be compromised and remediation steps
  • Actionable recommendations and next steps for improved security and governance

Business Needs and Challenges
  • Remote workers don’t have the same secure, productive experiences from home as they do from the office
  • Lack of visibility to potential threats that could compromise users’ identities
  • Uncertainty about unsanctioned app usage and its impact on the organization's security
  • Workers are geographically scattered, making it difficult to keep up with all the people who need remote access to apps and information
  • Mixed apps (on-premises and cloud) make it hard to provide consistent access