Enterprise Architecture Modernization: 2h Briefing

NTT DATA Italia S.p.A.

Be briefed by NTT DATA Experts about how the Cloud Adoption Framework and the Azure Architectural Design Patterns helped customers to Modernize and Innovate their Enterprise Architectures and Apps.

The Briefing has a maximum duration of 2 hours.

Using the Cloud Adoption Framework as discussion landscape, the briefing will clarify the importance of setting realistic business objectives and outcomes and how defining a Landing Zone Strategy and embrace the Security and Compliance perspective of Azure can help to accelerate the transition.

The main focus of the briefing is to understand the different approaches to Migration and App Innovation, explaining the different architectural implications of adopting Azure Virtual Machines, Azure App Service and Azure Kubernetes Services in an Enterprise Architecture, and which approach (eg: lift and shift, re-architecting, microservices architectures and so on) is more fitting to their needs and will enable to scenarios such as Hybrid Cloud or Edge Computing deployments

In terms of App Innovation, NTT DATA will explain, with real references and use cases, the importance of leveraging the Platform as a Service workloads of Azure to accelerate the switch to a Cloud Native approach in the Enterprise Architecture. The potential of adopting workloads such as Azure Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search and the various Azure Data Platforms services will be explained in terms of scalability and standardization of Application and Architectural design patterns and standards.

In addition, how Azure Monitor and Azure Security Center can help to Operations and Cost Management and how Azure DevOps can help with the maintenance and lifecycle of Apps and Infrastructure.

In the ending open discussion, the customer will receive an high-level roadmap of the required steps to modernize its Enterprise Architecture and related workloads.