SQL on Azure 2 hour Briefing

NTT Limited

A two hour introduction to our SQL on Azure services including migration to cloud and managed services
A 2 hour free briefing for organisational IT Executives, IT Managers, Financial Executives and Financial Managers. The briefing will introduce you to: - Managing and optimising your SQL footprint and technology costs by migrating your SQL workloads to Microsoft Azure - Leveraging the benefit of cloud: cost savings, platform refresh, agility and scale, while centralising all assets under the same hyper-scaler umbrella. - Overcoming data sovereignty issues using a hyper-scaler hosted in-country. - Dimension Data's well defined framework for migration to minimize risks in all parts of the migration process from consult to optimize and manage. - Structuring, optimising and managing your SQL workloads. Briefing Agenda: - Introduction to the value proposition and benefits of migrating SQL workloads to Azure - Discussion on high level business requirements. - An introduction to Dimension Data's Methodology and Hybrid Cloud Migration Framework - Next steps Briefing Outcomes: - An understanding into the benefits of migrating SQL workloads to Azure - An understanding into the complexities of migration and how Dimension Data addresses these - Insight into Dimension Data's Hybrid Cloud Migration Assessment and Framework - A review of your organisation's high level business requirements for your SQL workloads - A list of agreed upon next steps and action items