Azure Ops Support Managed Services

Nucleus Software Exports Limited

Nucleus leverages its expertise with a dedicated team of certified Azure specialists for its clients to realize efficient and effective cloud operations journey.

At Nucleus we bring digital transformation, growth and effectiveness by managing end to end Azure public cloud platform operation and support activities for an organization.

Nucleus Managed Services capability provides enhanced coverage and helps to optimize Azure managed applications for an organization by emphasizing on:

-- Cloud Governance

Minimize tech efforts and maximize cloud performance based on Microsoft’s best practices.

-- Security and compliance

A team of experts engineers will assist in recognizing and avoiding all the possible threats and make your IT environment safer by eliminate potential risks.

-- Efficient Troubleshooting

Nucleus Managed services provide you with experienced 24/7 technical support that allows you to reduce the burden of monitoring, managing, and operating Azure infrastructure components. IT specialists resolve incidents faster, identify the potential difficulties, and take measures to avoid them.

-- Reducing Operational cost

Nucleus proprietary tools, pre-defined process for every environments and certified experts help to reduce your administrative overheads, which becomes another crucial advantage for the business. Flexible and modular support services will give Organization the opportunity to invest more effectively.

-- Proactive monitoring

As Nucleus we focus on providing our clients with the proactive monitoring and management of entire cloud architecture. As a result, occurrence of IT failures get minimized and all aspects of the system remain protected: be it security, applications, data or hardware.

Nucleus Managed services will perform cloud operation and support activity in below areas.

-- Support -- Configuration -- Deployments -- Patching & Upgrading -- Monitoring -- Backup and disaster Recovery Readiness -- Security optimization and enhancement