Analytics in A Day: 1-Day Workshop

Objectivity Sp. z o.o

Can cloud analytics help you enable a truly data-driven culture in your organisation? What are the benefits of Big Data solutions? How to employ Microsoft Azure in your data projects?

ind answers to these and other questions in Objectivity’s Analytics in a Day — 1-Day Workshop.

The workshop takes a holistic view on analytics and explains why your business needs modern data solutions. We will discuss the following topics:

Why data analytics processes are crucial for your business. 

How to design and implement a modern analytics platform. 

How to build an efficient data warehouse environment on the Azure cloud. 

How to handle technical aspects, such as system architecture, performance, scalability and cost optimisation. 

Which tools to use when integrating and presenting data. 


A focused analysis of your business case, needs and goals. 

A walk-through of the possible destination architecture. 

A deep dive into the pros and cons of the selected components. 

Possible next steps — select a Proof of Value of the existing Azure services or an extended Proof of Concept of the solution. 

Objectivity’s team of DataOps experts will show you how you can transform your business with a fit-for-purpose data system. Our agile approach and extensive experience with data analytics guarantee a smooth and efficient delivery of the agreed solution.