Data Integration Platform on Azure: 4-Week PoC

Objectivity Sp. z o.o

Is your company’s data scattered in multiple systems, making it more difficult to unlock its business potential?

Objectivity’s Data Integration Platform on Microsoft Azure — 4-week PoC will help you integrate your data in one elegant solution, perfectly addressing your business needs.

This service provides a holistic approach to data integration. It will allow you to integrate data from 2 to 3 different sources (both on-premise and in the cloud) and define the process for harmonising data coming from different clients or systems within your organisation. We will assess the challenges you are facing (e.g., access, security, GDPR) and deliver a tailor-made solution.

Proof of Concept allows us to confirm we’ve come up with the best approach. We’ll also be able to overcome any restriction-related issues and make sure the implementation is smooth and seamless, and in accordance with our best practices.

Data Integration Platform on Microsoft Azure — 4-week PoC Agenda:

  • Discovery:
    • Data source applications portfolio review.
    • Identification of challenges and restrictions.
    • PoC scope finalisation.
  • PoC scope refinement and cost calculation.
  • PoC implementation.



  • Architecture design for data integration platform.
  • Azure Landing Zone.
  • Existing Data Catalogue.
  • Documentation of the solution.
  • Guidelines with best practices for adding new sources of data.


Objectivity’s team of DataOps experts is here to provide you with all the benefits of a made-to-measure data integration platform. Our agile approach and extensive experience with data analytics guarantee a smooth and efficient delivery of the agreed solution.