Cloud Adoption Framework: 1-Day Workshop

Obungi GmbH

In this workshop we will show how a successful data platform modernization based on the Cloud Adoption Framework can be implemented in practice.

One part of a company's digitalization strategy is the modernization of its data platform. In order to carry out this project successfully, it is advisable to implement the modernization on the basis of a structured approach. This is where the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework comes into the game.


  • Introduction to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
  • Introduction to Azure Data Services
  • Mapping the data platform modernization process to the phase model from the Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Example: Migration from a relational database on-premises to Azure Services, taking into account the necessary applications and dependencies
  • Identification of criteria for selecting data services in Azure


  • Duration: 1-Day Cloud Workshop ‘Cloud Adoption Framework Data Estate’
  • Location: provided by your company // virtual via Microsoft Teams
  • Number of participants: We recommend up to 15 participants per trainer to guarantee efficient learning
  • Trainer: 1 Cloud expert
  • Cost: 1800 € per day (Net price plus statutory VAT, includes electronic delivery of training materials, excludes travel expenses will be charged separately)