Azure Governance - 10 days implementation

Officeline SA

Governance is the ability to provide strategic direction, track performance, allocate resources, and make adjustments to ensure that organizational objectives are met.

In the public cloud, because decisions are made in a decentralized manner and at a rapid pace, a governance model or policy becomes critical for keeping the entire organization on track. Office Line experts implement for your organization proper governance rules and best practices in 10 days executing the following steps:

  1. Introduce to organization current policies & processes

  2. Run the governance benchmark tool

  3. Understand Organization

  4. Envision Cloud Adoption Framework

  5. Visualize Governance Architecture

  6. Standardization & Deployment Acceleration

Policy & Blueprints

Stay compliant with internal and external regulations by configuring templates using policies & access controls. Proactively ensure consistent development environments through policy enforcement. Manage updates to blueprints through versioning control. Take advantage of the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings, including ISO-27001.

Management Groups

Subscriptions can be grouped into containers called "management groups" and apply governance conditions. All subscriptions within a management group automatically inherit the conditions applied to the management group.

Cost Management

Create custom dashboards to view and analyze your cloud usage and spend. Increase efficiencies by right sizing your virtual machines and purchasing reserved instances. Track resource usage and manage costs across all your clouds with a single, unified view.

Service offering deliverables:

  • Findings and Recommendations report about the costs, operations, performance, security, and compliance.

  • One Policy Initiative to Standardize the whole Azure Environment and custom specific policies for individual subscriptions