Azure Cost Optimization - 2-days implementation

Officeline SA

Office Line advices customers, implements Cost Management deployment and helps organizations to optimize Azure Cloud spending.

As enterprises accelerate cloud adoption, it is becoming increasingly important to manage cloud costs across the organization. Cost visibility, reporting, and cost-based orchestration are critical to continued business operations.

Office Line advices and educates customers and implements Cost Management deployment that helps the organizations to optimize Azure spending.

One service that helps with the cost optimization is the Azure Advisor. The Azure Advisor recommendation helps the organizations to lower VM sizes based to utilization, cut out resources that weren’t in use, purchase reserved instances for Virtual Machines that will stay at least one year and use the Azure Hybrid benefit for Windows Server and SQL Server Virtual Machines.

We provide the Cloud Architects, the Finance department, and the application owners with custom cost management dashboards, from Azure Cost management, to help them understand the cloud spending and find the best spending results. To be able to have a clear picture of the Azure Costs we help organizations to establish cloud deployment techniques. Those techniques include resources organization with cost benefit in mind and always add tags to them to have a proper manner and attribute cost.

In addition, we train the Cloud IT department to use the cost analysis, to estimate the monthly costs, investigate anomalies, to reconcile the monthly invoices and be able to chargeback to the internal business units. Once we get a clear monthly billing estimation, we create budgets.

With those tools in place, an organization is able to take decisions on Cloud Resources spending. In addition, we educate the organization to plan the Azure deployments with cost in mind, with the help of Azure pricing calculator and Azure Migrate tools.