Modernize Data Platform - 4 to 8 Wk implementation

Officeline SA

Modern Data Warehouse management to improve and streamline business operations by Office Line team.

A modern data warehouse lets you bring together all your data at any scale easily, to get insights through analytical dashboards, operational reports, or advanced analytics for all users. Build the hub for all your data structured, unstructured, or streaming, to drive transformative solutions like BI reporting and advanced analytics.

Ingest your data to Azure Data Factory, from wherever they exist. Store data to Azure Data Lake. Prepare and train your models with Azure Databricks, create your data models with Azure Synapse and visualize data insights with PowerBI.

Accelerate time to market. Ensure productivity with industry-leading SQL Server and Apache Spark engines and accelerate data integration with more than 30 native data connectors from Azure Data Factory.

Get insights on any data. Take advantage of the flexibility to build and deploy machine learning models on-premises or in the cloud by easily distribute insights across your organization through rich integration with Power BI. Get better performance and improved analytics.

Solution based on your specific needs. Making your business more secure and store data in a central system where everything is centrally managed. Utilize Transparent Data Encryption, audit and threat detection processes.

Office Line certified and experienced data engineers and analysts work with you in 4 to 8 weeks project to provide:

  • Build end-to-end analytics solutions.

  • Expand discovery of insights from all your data and apply machine learning models to all your intelligent apps.

  • Prolong corporate’s demanding productivity.

  • Code-free data orchestration.

  • Data lake exploration.

  • Integrated AI and BI.

An offer to benefit from the advantage of all that power offers the Microsoft Data Platform Modernization and get you started.

  • Release Capital IT Expenses to increase Data Analytics.

  • Enjoy Worlds Grade-A Security.

  • Focus on your Business needs rather than on your Infrastructure on Zero-Day Health Risks.