SYNAPSE-IN-ACTION: 4 wk - Implementation

OmniData Insights

Azure Synapse Analytic is a powerful, analytics focused data platform. Our Deployment and Migration services will help you to architect a Synapse environment and migrate components of your warehouse.

Data is one of the greatest assets in your business, but how do you leverage the power of Azure when your data is stuck in an on-premises SQL Server? OmniData is a specialist Azure focused consulting firm that can help you understand and show you the value of your data in Azure Synapse though its SYNAPSE-IN-ACTION program.

As part of the SYNAPSE-IN-ACTION program, we will assess your current analytics or data warehouse environment, scope, plan and execute a pilot migration of a sub-set of data from your environment and build a roadmap for the migration of the rest of your analytics or data warehouse, in a controlled and managed project.

OmniData have helped customers in all segments and industries, migrate legacy analytics and data warehouse solutions to Azure Synapse Analytics and with this first-hand experience, we have built the SYNAPSE-IN-ACTION program. Using proven field experience we have distilled and combined both the consulting and technology components to create a simple program consisting of 3 phases:

  1. Environment Assessment

Detailed assessment of your existing analytics environment to gain an understanding of the tools & technology, scale and scope of data sources and the overall solution architecture. 2) Pilot Deployment Deployment of an field proven, enterprise grade modern data architecture pattern that can cater with massive data volumes, underpinned with the core Azure Data Lake and Azure Synapse Analytics technologies. 3) Solution Roadmap Easy to understand roadmap that can be used to guide the rest of the migration.