OneData Master- & Metadata Tool 2-Wk implemenation


OneDNA offers an Azure based tool to centrally maintain Master and Metadata in a unambiguous, secure and flexible way, without the intervention of IT management.

Maintaining master- and metadata always comes with several challenges regarding security, flexibility, and ease of use. Therefore, maintaining your data requires a lot of effort.

By combining several best practices, OneDNA has been able to create a light-weight tool to manage your master- and metadata in a flexible, easy to use and secure way on a central location. The Azure cloud based tool provides optimal flexibility in storing your data on any chosen platform (either cloud or on-premise).


  • Efficiency: Fast and uniform implementation through standardization.

  • Flexibility: Configurable to the wishes of the organization with a low dependency on IT.

  • Accountability: The ownership of the master- and metadata can be assigned.

The implementation of the Master- and Metadata tool consists of:

  • Setting up the different Azure components,
  • Gathering requirements,
  • Configuring of storage,
  • Installation of the actual tool,
  • Implementing access to the tool;


  • Central place to be able to maintain the master data and / or metadata and thus have one version of the truth,
  • Users can get started right away,
  • Documentation.