Digital Twin: 10 weeks of Proof of concept


The Road to Prognosis, Simulation and Optimization

OpenSistemas leverages Azure IoT and Analytics services to transform your business process starting from your real world assets.

OpenSistemas mirrors your physical system or process in a virtual environment running on cloud. You get the way to visualise and contextualise data on a virtual asset for sophisticated analytics. We bridge your physical operations enhancing them with digital capabilities coming from living models of your product lifecycles, supply chains or factory processes. In this way, the digital twing enables operational changes and improvements in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

OpenSistemas teams will provide professional services in the following phases, all powered by Azure cloud technologies.

[Phase 1] Starter Pack - Connect securely and Monitor:

Deploy services (IoT Hub, IoT Central, Azure Digital Twins, Event Hub, etc) Catalogue and connect assets with ent-to-end security. Store telemetry. Visualise status, reports and time series.

[Phase 2] Advanced Pack - Diagnose with Advanced Visualisations

Enhance with custom built visuals: HMI and synoptics. Events and alarms generated on the platform. Visualising the near past as a movie (“replay”)

[Phase 3] Full Equipe: Model and Predict

Model training on telemetry: fault detection and classification, forecasting, condition based maintenance, process optimization, etc. Deploy models near the assets: on board, at the edge, etc.

[Phase 4] Enhanced: Automation

Integrate with MMS and ERP. Create work orders automatically from digital twin based on assets behaviour. Share data with your partners: support and maintenance contractors

Pricing is estimated due to client requirements.