Epic on Azure: 4-Week IT Environment Assessment

Open Systems Technologies DE, LLC

OST experts will assess your existing Epic IT environment to optimize your IT spend and performance.

OST’s 4-week Epic on Azure assessment will help you find the most cost-effective, viable path forward for Epic infrastructure. Our experts have helped more than 100 Epic customers with infrastructure architecture, implementation, migration and optimization on-prem and in the cloud.

Epic on Azure Assessment Agenda and Deliverables

OST collaborates with your stakeholders to identify key business objectives, understand the nuances of your Epic environment and make customized recommendations about the feasibility of moving Epic on Azure.

  • Week 1: Review requirements and begin information collection.
  • Week 2: Collect data, specification guides, relevant artifacts, etc. and begin analysis.
  • Week 3: Analyze information and develop recommendations.
  • Week 4: Deliver recommendations and review with stakeholders.

Assessment deliverables include:

  • Data-driven findings and recommendations for all Epic infrastructure tiers: ODB, Cogito, WSS, Hyperspace, etc.
  • Customized recommendations for Azure services, architecture design, and potential migration plan based on your unique IT environment.
  • Follow-up discussion covering the costs and benefits of common Epic hosting alternatives based on business objectives

Why Work With OST?

Whether you are new to Epic or hoping to optimize your Epic infrastructure costs and capabilities, OST can:

  • Help you achieve cost savings up to 65% vs. on-prem
  • Provide cross-functional, collaborative experts who help design, architect, build and run your digital products and services
  • Increase your flexibility, scalability and velocity with simplified infrastructure management

We look forward to working with you!