Cloud Adoption Framework: 5-Day Implementation

OpsCompass, LLC

OpsCompass’ Rapid Prototype will assist organizations in generating the cloud center of excellence governance process to review configuration changes as they deviate from compliance frameworks.

Touchpoint 1: Ready - Kickoff and Onboarding: Assess the Organizational Structure of Your Cloud Resources

Governance education and implementation with an emphasis on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework best practices specifically, “Ready, Govern, and Manage.”

Align business concerns specifically around cost, security, and compliance configuration drift with OpsCompass’ alerting to ensure the right information is getting in front of the right people in real time.

Review the compliance score and initial baseline scan done by OpsCompass SaaS.

Touchpoint 2: Govern - Establish Baseline: Implement Governance Best Practices

OpsCompass will provide an introduction to management groups, policy implementation, and blueprint deployment combined with the use of our tools capability to detect drift from the companies desired state.

OpsCompass will review the compliance benchmarks discovered by the tool with the organization and discuss the process for remediation of noncompliant resources based on CIS guidelines.

Touchpoint 3: Manage - Manage Process & Tune Noise: Deliver a Cloud Adoption Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

OpsCompass will lead an initial cloud stand-up that reviews the cost, security, and compliance alerts generated since connection, and guide the customized teams as they begin baselining towards their organization’s golden image.

Complete a Continuous Governance Worksheet provided by OpsCompass with a detailed compliance score to help visualize and quantify the direct fit for OpsCompass within your current workflow.

Touchpoint 4: Govern & Manage - Mature CAF Process: Establish or Mature a Cloud Center of Excellence

Continued communication to ensure that OpsCompass is being fully utilized and that the initial process established in the first three touchpoints is taking root amongst the team leads.

Use OpsCompass to guide an agile cloud baselining process with compliance benchmarks to form a clear plan for the Cloud Center of Excellence.