Microsoft Azure Readiness: 5-day Workshop

Opsgility LLC

Our team of experts will help guide your leadership and learning teams by creating and delivering both a detailed learning plan as well as courses tailored to your organizational learning goals.

Workshop Agenda:

This workshop explores Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS), PaaS technologies such as Azure Web Apps and Data Technology from the perspective of an IT Professional

For administrator, this workshop provides an in-depth examination of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS); covering Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks starting from introductory concepts through advanced capabilities of the platform. The student will learn best practices for configuring virtual machines for performance, durability, and availability using features built into the platform.

For Developers, this workshop is designed to introduce students to developing cloud-based applications using Microsoft Azure and the Azure .NET SDK. This workshop covers key compute technologies such as virtual machines, cloud services, and App Services, as well as teaches how to build a developer environment and compose new applications using platform-as-a-service (PaaS) components.

For Data professionals, this workshop will review Azure networking and storage using the Azure Resource Manager architecture to prepare students for building SQL Server solutions in Azure. The primary focus of this workshop is SQL Server cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions on both Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This workshop will cover best practices for deploying SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines including standalone SQL Servers and hybrid Availability Groups. The workshop will look at SQL Server features that take advantage of Azure Storage such as SQL Server Managed Backup, Azure Snapshot Backups, and SQL Server data files hosted on Azure Storage.

*Price is for standard 5 days’ workshop. Price is subject to change based on training requirements or customization.