Azure Architecture: 4-Wk Assessment

Optimus Information Inc.

This Azure Architecture Assessment helps your organization align their IT infrastructure with your business objectives for an Azure cloud environment.

We will provide an assessment of your Azure PaaS software design, execution environment, Total Platform Architecture, or your total solution delivery. We will use tools such as use Azure Monitor and Azure Security Center to assess gaps and provide recommendations.

Agenda and Deliverables

During a dedicated session with our team we will provide the following deliverables:

  1. Optimus will conduct initial joint workshops for information gathering to gain an understanding of the current system and its intent.
  2. Assessment Worksheet is completed.
  3. Documentation of the current architecture on Azure is provided.
  4. Summary report is provided including: process description, high-level system description, technology summary.
  5. Gaps are identified and prioritized recommendations are made.
  6. Knowledge Transfer and Final sign - off.

Price may vary depending on size and scope of the project.