Common Data Model: 4-Wk Proof of Concept

Optimus Information Inc.

Explore a modern data analytics solution based on the the Common Data Model to migrate existing on-premises or competing cloud data analytics platforms to the Azure iPaaS stack.

Optimus Information’s service offering delivers the foundational framework for repeatable best practice Azure data analytics with the Common Data Model and takes up to two (2) of the prioritized data analytics items (e.g. reports or simple dashboards) discovered in the Assessment phase through the entire end-to-end process into the customer’s production environment.

Agenda and Deliverables During a dedicated session with our team we will provide the following deliverables:

  1. Kick off & Introductions

  2. Assessment of current data analytics ecosystem and selection of up to two data analytics items to be modernized

  3. Enablement workshops with the customer data analytics and Infrastructure team

  4. Data analytics solution design

  5. Data analytics solution development

  6. Configuration of Azure DevOps build & deploy pipelines and prerequisites

  7. Configuration & deployment of Azure Integration Service resources based on Azure Blueprint to non-production and production environments

  8. Azure Integration Service deployed and validated in non-production and production environments

  9. POE / Handover with business acceptance testing