AzureIOT 5-Days Assessment

Option 4.0 AG

With this strategy assesment workshop we accompany and support your enterprise towards the realisation of Industry 4.0 projects.

Based on our broad experience gained from similar projects at several companies over the past couple of years, with this assesment you will boost your next steps within digitization and innovation projects. The assesments consists of:

  • Strategy elaboration with or without co-creation mode with you and your Customers/Partners. This leads to a tangible strategy, co-created with the staff ofyour company and therefore starting with a maximum buy-in.

  • Strategy Execution Coaching (incl. organization development)

  • Microsoft Azure Data Analytics as a Service – the entrance in data driven service models, aiming to build up these competencies at your company internally.

  • A first draft for the solution design based on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Azure IoT engineering, development, and operations: Our core business is to engineer, build and operate global, customer owned Azure based cloud platforms

As knwon Microsoft Azure offers powerful services and vast variety of customization options.

Yet, after conducting our assesment the settings should be as unique as your company while understanding your business, your IT landscape & your legal requirements.

The duration of the engagement is based on complexity and amount of your environment, but minimum 5 working days.


We see companies adopting Microsoft Azure with implementation partners or themselves, but is the design eg compliant with the regulatory requirements that the company faces in its industry and the countries it operates in? How is the trade off between user experience and technical lock-down calculated?

How it works
  • We collect your requirements based on your business model with or without co-creation mode with you and your Customers/Partners ( 1 days)
  • We assess your situation based on your current setup or planned setup and match it againste the future design concepts (1 days)
  • Together with you we define a concept for your Microsoft Azure implementation. This will include topics like Azuree IoT and IoT Edge (2 days)
  • You will receive a report including a short assesment summary. (1 day)
  • Improve solution setup
  • Increase security through independent third party checks
  • Get an independent opinion on your solution design & setup
Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Edge
  • Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Microsoft Azure Data Analytics and AI (LUIS)