Azure Synapse - 3wk - PoC

OQuila NV

The Azure Synapse Data Lakehouse is the foundation of a futureproof dataplatform that is capable for analytical power, predictive power, and can be leveraged for application innovation and integration

Does your company have multiple data systems but are you lacking the necessary insights out of this data ? Do you need to consolidate and combine data in different shapes, volumes and types? With Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft is offering a exceptional data platform that can support your entire data journey. Thanks to the unique combination of data storage, big data and modern analytics, you can easily convert raw data into actionable insights. In addition, Azure Synapse is able to manage different data streams from different sources. This way, everyone in your organization can get started with it, regardless of their background or specific data anodes. As a data lakehouse it uses both data warehouse and data lake design principles, combining the best of a both worlds, This PoC does more than a technical or functional validation of Azure Synapse. It lays the foundation for your future data platform with the latest proven & innovative technologies. Deliverables:

  • A completely set-up of Azure Synapse analytics lakehouse, including deployment of at least one pre-selected data pipeline
  • A Power BI Dashboard, connected to the lakehouse, reflecting the provided business requirements
  • Documentation
  • Presentation of the solution, including recommendations for next steps, extension and associated budget

This solution is a good fit for any company that deals with data challenges and understands the strategiv advantage of becoming a data-driven organisation.