Azure Virtual WAN Transit Network Layer: 2-Wk Assessment

Orange Business Services SA

Audits your existing network set up and documents the current configuration. Providing an opportunity to improve your network for application performance that your business requires

Cloud brings substantial business benefits in terms of elasticity and scalability. Thanks to Azure, many companies have increase their business and gain new customers. But it is increasingly difficult for enterprises to have visibility into their connections worldwide, control costs and safeguard networking traffic, and secure employees wherever they are.

Orange Business proposition :

  • Collect & Gather data from your existing Network
  • Assess your Azure network architecture, management tools and connectivity requirements "on prem to cloud"
  • Review network and security
  • Establish interviews with key individuals to complete and review this data
  • Benchmark the findings
  • Review findings via workshops, understand challenges and roadmap assistance to define requirements

As an output document and next steps : Defined requirements and future roadmap recommendations and proposal

Next steps and roadmap examples :

  • Proof of Concept or new project
  • Cloud Service provider integration
  • Network documentation
  • Future roadmap solutions
  • Assistance with technical challenges

This feasibility study enables you to make an informed decision to assist and transform your network for your future business needs.