ExpressRoute Network Study : 3-week implementation

Orange Business Services SA

ExpressRoute Network study is an expert assessment of your network for Azure connection in view of ExpressRoute deployment
For the success of your cloud adoption, you need to ensure the best user experience. If you wish high availability and performance at any time, network is key, then you need scalable and optimized connectivity to your cloud environment. Orange lead a Deep-dive analysis so that your network becomes ready for ExpressRoute: According to your business and IT stakes we help you assessing what are the best practices to reach Azure through ExpressRoute. Jointly with your teams, our experts will lead a 2 steps approach to build the action plan for your cloud connectivity to Azure. FIRST: ASSESS THE IMPACT OF AZURE NETWORKING INSIDE YOUR NETWORK ENVIRONMENT - the impacts of Azure on your current network & IT environment - our analysis on the configuration needs for an optimized ExpressRoute access - further actions to help you address complex cases or specific demands SECOND: A WORKSHOP TO SHARE THE ASSESSMENT PHASE OUTCOMES AND THE RECOMMENDED DEPLOYMENT PLAN - the necessary steps to help you finalize your connectivity objectives - we can help you to test your targeted solution through a pilot phase. - we can plan with you a run phase with dedicated expert resources Benefits of ExpressRoute with Orange cloud connectivity solution Galerie: - Security: traffic not exposed on Internet, isolated end-to-end on Orange MPLS network - Simplicity: simple configuration, no additional circuit or equipment required - Reliability: proactive monitoring 24/7, guaranteed time to repair of 4h, availability SLA: 100% on Orange MPLS network - Performance: predictable latency from your local sites Once your solution deployed, we can offer available expertise in the run-phase, to manage your Azure resources (VNETs, resource groups, VPN gateways and additional Azure services).