Azure - Applications modernization

Orange Business Services SA

Be fully prepared to move and modernise all your legacy applications to the cloud with insights on the business impact, predicted costs and expected benefits of modernization.

Many cloud migration projects are, initially, a response to infrastructure issues (data center closure, renewal of a hardware fleet, renewal of licenses, etc.). Besides, the growing use of digital in companies has been a major challenge for CIOs. Business is now totally dependent on digital and IT teams must deliver more and more business value to the users. The wide offer of Azure services makes it possible to design high-performance, resilient, secure and functionally rich applications, while keeping their costs under control. But how do you transform existing applications? What methods, what possibilities, what steps? We are at your side to advise and support you.

Your daily challenges :

  • Increase productivity, harmonize processes, focus on business value, user experience and satisfaction
  • Increase your ability to deliver new applications or application versions, support growth and user demand
  • Make your applications richer, smarter with a limited investment
  • Reduce the ecological impact of your IT
  • Manage the transition to new consumption models by controlling and optimizing your operational and hosting costs
  • Personalize the user experience, anticipate uses and build your offers by analysing your data
  • Comply with compliance and security requirements, aim for operational excellence

Your goals and Azure functionalities that will assure you to make your applications modernization a success :

  • Modernize applications to make their consumption of cloud services more dynamic and adapt their costs and carbon footprints to their uses
  • Generalize the use of "as code", help you streamline your production processes
  • Help you focus on business value by optimizing the use of managed services
  • Enrich your applications with innovative solutions for a better user experience, better employee engagement
  • Provide you with the means to control the security of your applications and your data

Orange Business approach and different phases required to help entreprises out, we support you to :

  • Transform your applications into "cloud native apps", in 3 steps: 1. Analyze (software architecture audit, functional audit, urbanization, ...) 2. Propose (architecture, UX/UI, ecodesign, industrialization, DevOps, ...) 3. Realize (agile approach, service center, ...)

  • Transform your company and your teams 1. Agile coaching 2. Industrialization at scale 3. Good practices 4. Application asset management