Azure Cloud Networking : 2hr Briefing

Orange Business Services SA

Dive into your Cloud Networking challenges with Orange Business and identify the next steps to deliver strong impact in the short term. Our experts help you to master your cloud networking

Cloud brings substantial business benefits in terms of elasticity and scalability. Thanks to Azure, many companies have increase their business and gain new customers. But it is increasingly difficult for enterprises to have visibility into their connections worldwide, control costs and safeguard networking traffic, and secure employees wherever they are.

In order to master Azure and its tentacular connexions, to tackle these challenges, Orange Business proposes Cloud Networking services. Cloud Networking is a combination of cloud and connectivity services which enables end-to-end design, deployment and unified operations of a network in multiple cloud regions and providers.

Within this consulting offer, we propose a 2-hours design clinic workshop dedicated to IT and network executives and managers, where we will dive into your cloud networking challenges and you will be able to:

  • Learn about your cloud networker profile (curious/advanced/expert)
  • Get some Cloud Networking tips based on the experience of Orange Business as a leader in network and cloud integration and operation
  • Identify potential next steps to deliver strong impact in the short term

Adopting Cloud Networking is now a no-brainer, thanks to Orange Business.