Azure Devops consulting : 2-Week Assessment

Orange Business Services SA

In a 2 weeks assesment, our experts will help you get the most out of native cloud services on Azure. With devops we develop your applications with agility . We can also help your rise in competence

Orange Business Services supports companies to create value with Microsoft Azure by supporting you in DevOps adoption and development of Cloud Native application. According to your business objectives and you cloud maturity, we accelerate your rise to competence through training and develop your agility.

Depending on your project , we can accompany you on a 2-Weeks assement project to :

  • Frame the need and analysis of the application life cycles
  • Performe a Cloud Native Assessment to evaluate the customer's maturity from several angles: infrastructure, Agile application architectures, DevOps, test automation, security
  • Inventore of the best practices to be put in place
  • Coach, development and implement, complemented by training
  • Implemente of all or part of the Cloud Native Applications with DevOps as a common thread

Thanks to this assesment you wil be able to fully enoy Microsoft Azure cloud natives services, and become autnomous on the subject if that is your need.

Among many benefits, you will be able to :

  • Deploy new business-relevant functionality faster
  • Reduce time to market for new products to stay competitive and reduce disintermediation
  • Offer a better "quality of service" than your competitors
  • Move towards a project monitoring culture with indicators for continuous improvement