Azure - FinOps - Assessment

Orange Business Services SA

A 1-week assesment to allow you to benefit from our FinOps expertise and move to the next level of Azure Cloud optimization for your finance.

Your Azure cloud environment is already in place and you want to control and optimize your bill as well as implement cost breakdowns by project ?

With the help of our experts, you can integrate this approach to all phases of your Azure projects in the Design, Build and RUN phase. Pay for the resources you really need.

We propose you an evaluation and a financial optimization of your cloud in a few key steps using native tools from your cloud providers or based on third party solutions. Depending of your needs, your project and the desired outcomes, we will deliver :

  • Analysis of cloud infrastructure, services and usage
  • Monthly analysis report
  • Identification of possible optimizations (consumption, resources and performance)
  • Action plan to implement the recommendations
  • View definitions by project or legal entity
  • Configuration of specific tag policies
  • Recommendations for cost reduction, identification of important evolutions

Thanks to this assesment you wil be able to fully enoy Microsoft Azure cloud natives services, and become autnomous on the subject if that is your need.

Among many benefits, you will be able to :

  • Optimize your budget, coupled with operational excellence
  • A personalized roadmap according to your needs and constraints to achieve your goals
  • Systematically take into account the new components available (CaaS, PaaS, etc.) and the best architecture principles, and deploy them in a secure infrastructure as code