Azure Smart Tracking: 4 weeks Assessment

Orange Business Services SA

Orange Business Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Optimization solutions enable transport and logistics companies to manage and optimize the use and performance of their fleet of vehicles.

The Orange Business offers Fleet Management, Asset Tracking and Optimization services that provide end-to-end monitoring, management, analysis and reporting of fleets and goods used and moved across supply chains, leading to improved operational efficiencies, customer experiences, and new business models utilizing Azure IoT Central to receive data from IoT sensors and export it to Azure Event Hubs, Azure Stream Analytics and Azure functions amongst others.

These models include cloud logistics, crowd-based pickup, and delivery, flexible warehousing, and market and environmental intelligence,

The solutions offered by Orange leverage an end-to-end platform that supports adding sensors and smart devices to resources and assets, connecting them via common connectivity standards (e.g. LTE, LoRa, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G), collecting and securely managing and storing the data, and finally, integrating the findings with other systems and processes to derive actionable intelligence. Depending on customers’ needs, other capabilities can be added.