Smart operations with IoT - 4 Wk Proof of Concept


Industry enterprise use case with realtime IoT data

Spurred by continued technological advancement, the world today is more connected than ever. This presents an opportunity to build a more sustainable future for all, but it also introduces new risks and governance challenges in areas such as security, privacy and the fair distribution of benefits.

The last year has highlighted the essential role the internet of things (IoT) has come to play in our lives. IoT applications such as connected thermal cameras, contact tracing devices are providing data that’s critical to fight the virus. At the same time temperature sensors and parcel tracking will help ensure that vaccines are distributed safely. And we use CO2 sensors to monitor the air quality in public places such as schools.

How is your organization going to respond to new chances and challenges on IoT? Discover the value of IoT data for your business, start today with an IOT Proof on Concept on the Azure platform.

As an IT services provider we bring the knowledge and expertise to deliver a working prototype for your IOT Use Case within a period of 4 weeks time and a fixed budget of 15K euros. The Azure Cloud infrastructure needs no upfront investments and is instantly available to make a jumpstart.

Think of use cases that garantuee a healthy and safe working/office environment by the use of smart desks and measurement and alerting on CO2 levels. Use cases based on automated detection and recognition of objects, wear or pollution with the help of camera's. Or the need for detailled/micro positioning of assets in field situations.