ML Brainstorm: 1-Day Workshop

Oscore Ltd

Guided Brainstorm through Azure AI Platform, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services. For Decision Makers who want a concentrated primer on how to AI/ML and the value it could unlock.

Do you have the sense that AI/ML techniques are becoming necessities for businesses today? Do you believe that there is hidden value in your company’s data, if you knew how to unlock it? Do you believe that the possibilities are endless, but that the first step is the hardest?

At Oscore we understand these challenges, and propose for you a guided brainstorm though the Azure AI Platform, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services. Our goal: for you to generate ideas of how to use the AI/ML to accelerate the evolution of your business. We bring to the table our experience of the Azure AI Platform. You bring your knowledge of your company or division’s operations and data assets. We connect, we discuss, we brainstorm.

The process is in 3 phases:

  1. Fact Finding and Discovery – 2 hour Video Conference (VC)

Upon signup, we will schedule a video call between an Oscore team (consisting of one Business Analyst and one Data Scientist), and you or a team from your company (up to 3 people). Oscore will guide the conversation through a series of questions about your company’s operations and data.

  1. Wide Angle Brainstorm – 2 hour VC

Highly interactive session where Oscore hypothesizes scenarios where some of the AI/ML techniques available via the Azure AI Platform (forecasting, classification, clustering and many others) could unlock value from your company's data. Together we build a short list of actionable scenarios.

  1. Narrow Focus Brainstorm – 2 hour VC

You chooses one scenario for more detailed analysis. Oscore guides a discussion on how the scenario could be implemented using the Azure AI Platform.


Taken together, the sessions will deliver to your team significant insights into:

  • AI/ML in general
  • Azure AI Platform, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services
  • what opportunities exist to unlock value from your company’s data assets
  • effort and costs around implementing those opportunities
  • specific next steps to explore further