IAM Support/Consulting: ongoing 10 weeks impl.

Oxford Computer Group GmbH

Consulting support for identity, access and security in hybrid und Azure environments

The OCG consulting support solution provide:

  • interactive engagement conducted on your premises
  • can involve proactive training tickets, briefings or demos built on the customer’s data or environment
  • consultation with support employees that are deep level experienced IT consultants with longtime experience in specific areas
  • optional assessment of OCG software components on compatibility (e.g. mobil devices firmware, Azure Functions, Azure Graph APIs Versionen, operating systems u.a.) 
  • Monitoring of errors/warnings
  • proactive consulting services for system extensions and modifications (e.g. new workflows, connections, policies, software modification, migrations)
  • secure consulting services environment with several technologies, like biometric access, monitoring, video surveillance, external monitoring, e.g. Protection One
  • all activities will be performed by consultants with security certification up to U3 level
  • Business support up to taking over complete IAM environment in case of events or loss of responsible administrators or employees
  • The costs below are for the Standard Support. Support hours for tickets are billed on top and will be invoiced per month - based on the used support work