AD Domain Consolidation for Migration to Microsoft Entra ID: 6 wk Imp

Oxford Computer Group LLC

Get started on your journey towards zero trust by consolidating your organization’s Active Directories for better visibility, efficiency, and security.

Over the years, Active Directory (AD) has proven to be an effective Enterprise solution and is used by more than 90% of organizations worldwide. And while the optimal design consists of a single forest with a single domain, many organizations are dealing with multiple Active Directory environments.

Multiple forests can create complex and inefficient environments, significantly increase costs, and can hinder deployments of new services. It can also be difficult to determine who has access to data and resources, multiple procedures to provide access, and tedious to remove access.

Consolidating unwieldy forests and domains allows for better visibility, a reduction in privileged accounts, and an overall improvement in your organization’s security posture. It will also help your organization move towards zero trust, and for migration to Microsoft Entra ID.

Why choose Oxford Computer Group?

We have specialized in Microsoft identity and security solutions for two decades and have an excellent track record spanning 1000+ engagements. We are a member of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association (MISA), a select group of security ISVs and managed service providers, and have won Microsoft Partner of the Year awards eight times.

Our early adoption of and involvement in Microsoft Entra ID, our deep identity heritage, and our device management expertise make us the ‘go to’ company for Microsoft identity, governance, and security solutions.

Example Solution Description and Key Deliverables

Phase 1: Discovery

  • Review existing AD environments and identity challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • Rationalize provisioning and deprovisioning processes
  • Review users and groups synchronized to Microsoft Entra ID
  • Validate and review Microsoft Entra Connect and ensure all users are represented
  • Identify users who do not require access to on-premises resources and can be ‘cloud-first’ and migrated to Microsoft Entra ID

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Build new AD ‘green field’ forest
  • Define password policy and OU structure
  • Create group policy objects to govern the new AD
  • Migrate remaining users and workstations to new forest
  • Identify major applications, document their authentication methods, and develop migration strategies
  • Identify apps that can be migrated to Microsoft Entra ID and discuss implementing Microsoft Entra Domain Services

Phase 3: (optional) Migrate or Re-Deploy Applications

  • Implement applications in the cloud
  • Prox on-premises applications for cloud users
  • Consider Microsoft Entra Domain Services as a cloud-based AD domain

Projects are customized for each customer based on requirements and goals.