Azure AD & Saviynt for Healthcare IGA: 5day Assess

Oxford Computer Group LLC

Learn how Azure AD’s governance capabilities integrate with Saviynt to provide complete identity lifecycle management, EMR integration, identity governance, and more for Healthcare organizations.

In the healthcare industry, physicians and healthcare providers must have secure access to the data they need when and where they need it. It’s also important that data stays secure to protect patient privacy, HIPAA requirements are met, and the constantly shifting mix of employees, contractors, students, and suppliers are seamlessly managed.

Oxford Computer Group’s Assessment for Healthcare shows how Azure AD’s governance capabilities integrate with Saviynt for comprehensive identity lifecycle management, EMR integration, app access, identity governance, and more.

Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration platform extends and complements Azure AD’s governance, adding intelligent access requests, risk-based access certifications and group management with actionable continuous compliance controls & near real-time remediation.

This Assessment, which is 2-5 days depending on your requirements, will evaluate your organization’s governance needs, assess your risk profile, and provide prioritized recommendations for implementing an enterprise-scale IGA solution with Saviynt and Azure AD.

Saviynt + Azure AD together can address challenges like:

  • Efficient provisioning and deprovisioning for quick user onboarding and termination
  • Access verification and attestation
  • Application access risk profiling
  • Building robust identity workflows
  • Compliance issues

The Assessment includes targeted discussions with your organization’s IT, HR, Security, App owners, and C-level executives to discover identity lifecycle pain points, compliance, and auditing risks, and other IGA challenges.


  • Identity governance risk assessment
  • Recommendations for Saviynt and Azure AD solution implementation. This will include a prioritized project plan and timeline, including prioritizing applications for integration
  • Estimated costs for Saviynt licenses and implementation services