ICAM and Zero Trust with Azure AD and Saviynt: Imp

Oxford Computer Group LLC

OCG, Saviynt, and Microsoft's Identity, Credentials, and Access Management (ICAM) solution propels federal agencies toward Zero Trust security.

An Executive Order from May 2021 requires federal agencies to move toward a Zero Trust architecture to better secure federal assets and data. Effective, secure, and efficient Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) processes form the foundation of a Zero Trust architecture. Combining the capabilities of Microsoft and Saviynt, along with implementation services from OCG, enables federal agencies to build ICAM processes that enable agencies to progress towards a Zero Trust Maturity Model.

The basis of the Zero Trust in Azure AD is Conditional Access, as it uses signals obtained through Azure AD and Endpoint Management to determine the suitability of both the device and the user for the desired access. Partner agencies may be granted access as well. Entities not explicitly allowed will be denied access. Saviynt provides governance of groups, providing cross-application Segregation of Duties, vendor management, access requests and reviews along with a robust workflow engine for processing.

The combination of Microsoft and Saviynt provides the following benefits to federal agencies:
Efficient provisioning and deprovisioning for quick user onboarding and termination
Access verification and attestation
Application access risk profiling
Building robust identity workflows
Improved compliance

Oxford Computer Group Services include:
Identity Strategy
Program Management
Business Process Design
Organizational Change Management
Technical Implementation
Managed Platform Services (In Azure IL5 and above)

Documented Business Requirements
Project Plan
Technical Design Documentation
Development and Production environments built to specifications
Operational playbook
Communications Plan
As-built documentation

Duration: Dependent on scope, minimum of 20 weeks